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94 95 96 Acura Integra LS 1.8L Stage 3 Clutch Kit & Flywheel

The car is a 1996 Acura Integra LS Special Edition. Bought it on 10/12/12 with 190,600 miles. It's a 2-owner, never smoked in, with maintenance records going back all the way to 1996. I even have the original paper in the window from when it was sold new off the lot! Here's some pics from when I first bought the car.

I recently had my both axles replaced on my 96 acura integra ls, following diagnosis that both front and rear cv boots were cracked and/or torn. After these replacements, I noticed a spot of transmission fluid under passenger side of car, suggesting a leak. Is it possible that in replacing the drive axles, the shop damaged seals? It may be coincidence but I never had any tranny fluid leaks prior to this work. Thanks in advance.

letgo - 96 Acura Integra LS Turbo in Higley, AZ

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My '96 DB7 LS

Hey guys, new to the forum i just got my integra a few months ago and this is the progress i've made so far. Not the best but i like it =]. Open to any comments and suggestions (preferably inexpesive =p).

1996 Acura Integra LS Special Edition Sedan in Matador Red

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96 Acura Integra Ls Transmission Parts - part request

It's Just Paint.........Or Is It?
How's it hanging Honda Tuning?I have a '96 Acura Integra LS and I recently cleaned my engine bay. After giving it a nice bath I took a closer look at my block stamp and noticed that it is stamped red/orange. What does this mean? Do I have some type of special B18B engine? If you have any information that would be great. I can't find anything on the Internet (or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places).
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