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The Acura Vigor Club is not sponsored by, affiliated with, or endorsed by the Acura Division of American Honda Motor Company, Inc. in any way, shape, or form. We're just a bunch of folks who love Vigors.

WASHINGTON, DC—We had our second meet in Rockville, MD, right outside of Washington DC at in April 2001 (below). Some Legend owners joined us, too! Way too many small faces for my eyes to recognize all the names here, but the one on the far right, in the white shirt, is none other than the Legendary AckVig, an Acura Vigor Club icon and the winner of the First Annual Petpad Pet of the Year Award.

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  • Cleaning carbon build-up in the egr tube - acura vigor club
    After steven posted the cleaning of the egr tube, at least half a dozen vigor owners have cleaned their egr tube to find a large amount of carbon build up..

    What follows is an interview with Rob Sealover (Bobsealover), the Acura Vigor Club's 2002 Petpad Pet of the Year, conducted by roving field correspondent Bill Schidder.

    BS: First of all, it's a pleasure finally to meet you. I've enjoyed your posts for months.

    RS: Thank you. I post them mainly to entertain myself, and to help out a fellow Vigster when I can.

    BS: Tell us about your Vigor

    RS: Her name is Vivien.

    BS: Then tell us about Vivien.

    RS: She's a beautiful Buckingham Blue Pearl 1992 Acura Vigor GS with almost 173,000 miles. She's all original except for a few necessary mods. I replaced four blown speakers with aftermarket ones, and I also installed a CD changer with much help from the club.

    BS: How and when did you get it?

    Despite its lackluster sales, Acura Vigor fans are still around, and thanks to the connections brought by the Internet, have formed their own fan Acura Vigor car club to swap ideas about how to care for their cars and tips on where to get Acura Vigor used parts. Some of the things discussed include when to maintain the vehicle, and what services are needed. Those who still own Vigor cars find this a great resource for car care tips.