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Better get to the nearest auto parts store or air con repair shop, and get things done, before hitting the road again. A/C condenser is one of the air conditioner China Air Conditioner Condensers, Auto Condensers (Parallel Flow, Serpentine, Fin Tube) and China Condenser, Air Conditioner Condensers, Auto Condensers, Parallel When you need to order a new Honda A/C Condenser, we're here 24/7. Our vast selection is ready to be sent out today; place your order now!

Seasonair is one of the pioneer and leading evaporator coils, micro channel condenser and micro channel evaporator manufacturer in Malaysia. Seasonair supplies high quality automotive micro channel condensers and micro channel evaporator products for OEM, aftermarket and custom designed air conditioning applications. Our vast experience in manufacturing automotive condensers of more than 25 years in the automotive air conditioners industry has enabled us to specialize in:

Auto AC Condenser (CX-1004) - China condenser, auto ac condenser

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    Our combination of advanced manufacturing capability, high quality products and competitive pricing in automotive condensers has resulted in international demand for Seasonair's products, with 80% of all our products being exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

    Auto condenser, auto ac condenser,a/c condenser,car condenser,auto conditioning condenser, auto parallel flow condenser, auto parts Specification: Make: BMW E39 5 SERIES R12 Size: 480...