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Automatic engine start/stop systems provide the fleet owner with a way to reduce idling by turning the main engine on and off as required for heating and cooling when the driver is resting. They use the onboard HVAC system to cool the cabin and start up the main diesel engine only when cooling or heating is needed to maintain a temperature, shutting the engine down when the need is met. They can also keep the engine warm and charge the batteries.

Executives from 11 for-hire truckload carriers were personally interviewed to find out about their idle-reduction practices. No single technology was used by all 11 of the fleets, but five have automatic engine start/start systems on their vehicles.

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Demanding CO2 and fuel economy regulations continue to force the automotive industry into implementing further technologies for improving fuel economy. A relatively cost-effective measure for reducing fuel consumption is the integration of automatic engine Start/Stop systems in “conventional” powertrains utilizing 12V starters. While being already heavily utilized in the European market, the penetration of this technology in the North American market is lower, but constantly increasing. This webinar discusses various aspects of the complexity, challenges, and potential solutions for successful integration of 12V start/stop systems into passenger cars.

In conjunction with Michelin, the study team surveyed 200+ members of Michelin’s Fleet Forum. When asked what idle reduction technology they would purchase, 21.6% said automatic engine start/stop systems. Survey respondents preferred diesel APUs and fuel-operated air heaters as the most beneficial idle reduction technology