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Everyone who owns a car must eventually face the reality of making repairs. The cost of repairs depends upon the purchase price of parts and the cost of labor. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and repairs add up fast. One of the best ways to save money on repairs is to do them yourself. A quick YouTube tutorial, a little time and effort and a few cheap used auto parts is all you need to make the repairs...

Have you found a fixer upper for that you want to work on with your teenager? Looking forward to teaching them about a car from the ground up? We know you want the best parts, but sometimes the cost of those parts can go over and above what you had in mind for a budget. At New York City Auto Salvage and Glass, we understand tight budgets. We offer a huge selection of cheap used auto parts and friendly,...

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On the other hand, we sell quality cheap used auto parts that also promote safety. We make sure that everything we sell is 100% functional and satisfaction guaranteed. We support the local people of New York by providing quality cheap used auto parts.

Maybe you need Honda, Toyota or Ford body parts etc.. and you can not afford to pay full price for new auto body parts, you can purchase used auto body parts for your car or truck. At NYC Auto Salvage we try to have the cheapest used parts prices in NYC.