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Wade 72-01681 Truck Bed Tailgate Cap Black Smooth Finish for 1987-1996 Ford F-150 F-250 F-350 (Except Stepside bed)


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Most Ranger owners we encounter use their truck beds for hauling all kinds of stuff. The most interesting example was a guy who had a lobster business in Maine. He would throw his cages in the back of the truck when he needed to repair rusted hinges. Use and abuse like that takes a toll over time. Scratches, dents, and paint chips inevitably show up on the truck’s side rails. Ford Ranger bed rail caps not only prevent these dings from happening, they can cover up any past blemishes your pickup has endured.

Ford bed rail caps can handle this situation in two very distinct and powerful ways. The first is by covering up any current scratches, dents, and dings you may have accumulated on your F-series over the years.

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Protect your Ford's bed with an F250 bed rail and an F250 bed cap

The second way you can benefit from getting some Ford bed rail caps is by installing them to prevent damage to your truck bed side tops. They’re a great way to give extra protection and they do double duty by providing an additional accent to your truck as well. Form and function wrapped into one unique accessory.

Where we’re going with this discussion is finish options for your truck. RealTruck’s online stock offers black ABS Ford bed rail caps in both smooth and ribbed options, traditional and tough looking stainless steel diamond plate, and a very classy looking smooth stainless steel option. All provide great protection and last the lifetime of your vehicle.