Headlight cover left side- facelift

20% DARK BLUE HEAD-LIGHT TINT COVER VINYL FILM 4' FT WRAP KIT for Headlight, tail light, Transparent Plastics, Universal, Smoke Blue Sheet, Overlay, 48 INCH X 12" wide roll by Tour Vinyl INCLUDES FREE INSTALL GUIDE


Both headlights with covers: $620 shipped

Although you don't really use them to see the road, headlights can be compared to your own eyes. Without them, you're practically a blind man driving whenever road visibility is low. Now, to make sure that you can always rely on these "eyes" in your truck, you must protect them from harmful outside elements. Luckily, you can easily do just that by pairing them with top-quality Headlight Covers.

On top of that, they're designed to fit directly into your rig's settings to make sure that the installation process would be hassle-free. So if you don't want to drive like a blind man while you're on the road, be sure to keep your headlights working by employing top-notch Headlight Covers. Here at Stylintrucks, we can offer you these products in unbelievably low prices that no other online store can match.

Both headlights without covers: $600 shipped

  • Wade Automotive Headlight Covers protect your headlights from roadside debris and give your ride a cool look
  • Headlight covers: $20 plus shipping

    Chrome Headlight Cover by Putco®. High grade ABS plastic ensures extreme durability, while the shiny mirror-like chrome finish enhances the entire style of your vehicle. The installation is a breeze due to the pre-applied 3M™ tape.

    These covers have a "carbon print pattern" over clear acrylic for a unique look. The print pattern is similar to a carbon fiber weave, but instead of black and silver, these alternate black and "clear" to allow light to pass through. The kit includes a "snap-in" headlight cover for both sides. A single velcro/tape attachment is pre-installed near the top of the cover for added control if the vehicle will be driven at speed. For exhibitions & shows, the velcro/tape is not necessary, as the cover will snap into place properly without it. These Headlight Covers were not designed or intended for street use, please check your local laws.