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What are the best headlight bulbs for your vehicle

Best known for making household light bulbs, Philips also sells replacement bulbs for automotive use. Other great companies that appear on this top headlight brands list include Sylvania, Rampage and KC HiLites.

What companies will you find on this best headlight brands list? Spec-D is one of the most popular headlight manufacturers thanks to their wide variety of products. From projector style to Fiber Optic LED lights to custom models, Spec-D has it all. Spyder is another one of the most-trusted headlights manufacturers.

The Headlight Revolution is here and it's time to upgrade your ..

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  • High Power LED Off Road Lights from the best brands

    Firestone Complete Auto Care proudly stocks popular headlight brands that are industry leaders in headlight technology. With major brands such as Sylvania headlight bulbs, the road ahead is illuminated far and wide, ensuring maximum visibility no matter the hour. Sylvania headlights are engineered for increased brightness, whiteness, peripheral visibility and down-road visibility.

    Remember this for yourself and your car — headlights can dim over time, so replacement before burnout is a great idea. You might not even realize (like me) that your headlights have dimmed or are yellowed. Another easy way to do this, if you can’t remember the last time they were replaced (or at all), it’s a good idea to have it done. Don’t forget how quickly you can do this on your own at home. If you need assistance because you don’t know much about cars or their inner workings, ask a friend or neighbor (or spouse!) to help you out! In just 10 minutes, we upgraded our headlights to brand new ones!