The stock Mazda Truck lug pattern is:

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Mazda Trucking explores the evolution of Mazda engine blocks by reviewing a number of models over the years. This site features engine diagrams for various Mazda models series which include Mazda B1600, B2000, B2200, B2300 and B2500, as of 2016. The site provides color coded diagrams with a chart that has descriptions for where lines connect to and from each device of the engine block.

Moreover, Mazda Motor also prides itself in innovative engineering, which highly symbolizes the rotary engine of every Mazda automobile. Even though other leading companies have attempted to incorporate Mazda’s engineering concept, only the company succeeded in making efficient and competitive commercial sports cars and equally competitive engines. Since then, Mazda has even expanded its impressive automotive engineering such as making the only gasoline, diesel, rotary combustion engines in one line of vehicles. In fact, the company has even made another latest transformation of rotary engine powers in its Mazda RX-8—as they say, the one carrying Mazda’s set of original innovation. Mazda pickup trucks, minivans, vans, SUVs, and other vehicles have always been successful in keeping the market wanting more of Mazda vehicles.

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Notable features vary with trim level and year but included a bedliner, alloy wheels, foglights, skid plates, a limited-slip differential, full power accessories, keyless entry, cruise control and a CD player with an auxiliary input jack. There was also the rugged Dual Sport model, a 2WD truck with a raised suspension and big tires that gave it a measure of off-road capability and a tough look. The Troy Lee edition carried graphics by a designer of flashy motocross gear in order to appeal to more active sport-oriented users. The name of the B-Series truck became "Mazda Truck" for 2002, though the experiment ended shortly thereafter.