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It is dangerous to drive with obstruction to your vision in any direction. Because of its location on the side of the car, the Mustang exterior mirrors are often susceptible to unwanted damage. Additionally, the glass could suffer cracks in the glass due to the weather or other treacherous conditions that you may be driving in. CJ Pony Parts offers not only a wide selection of Mustang exterior mirrors, also the equipment necessary to keep them in top order. CJ’s features Mustang exterior rims in both rectangle and square shapes to best accommodate your particular Ford Mustang.

Typically, the Ford Mustang exterior mirrors are equipped for either remote or manual adjustments to best suite the drivers’ horizontal and vertical line of sight. Remote settings allow you to rotate your mirror without having to take the time to physically reach out of your car. With numerous potential blind spots lurking based on where you are driving at any given time, the remote function helps Ford Mustang owners alter their line of vision on the fly.

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While drivers have plenty to keep their minds on when cruising down the highway, Mustang owners must stay alert to the rapid changes on any given stretch of the road. The Mustang exterior mirrors flank both the drivers’ and front seat windows, with the ultimate goal of assisting drivers in seeing the areas to the side of and behind the vehicle. It is important to routinely adjust not only the exterior mirrors, but also the to closely monitor the surrounding traffic.

Though the automotive industry has made significant strides in vehicle safety since the launch of the Ford Mustang, the classic exterior mirrors are some of, if not the most important pieces of equipment to keeping drivers safe on the road. With roadways getting more and more congested with each passing year, it is crucial for drivers to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Mustang Exterior Mirrors allow vehicle owners to get a glimpse of what is happening to the right and to the left of their vehicles, and enable smooth and safe lane changes.