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Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Set


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Nissan Maxima Brake Pads D815 Shandong All-Long Auto Parts Co.,Ltd, manufacture of brake pads for more than 10 years. Features of the brake pads: Name of the item: Nissan Maxima Brake Pads D815 Mate...

2003 Nissan Maxima brakes?
Brakes are shaking and affecting steering when stopping…do I need just rotors spun or a whole new brake job? 91k. Thanks!

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For those who want hardcore braking performance we recommend checking out our selection of Nissan MaximaBig Brake Kits. These kits usually include: Upgraded Calipers, Pads, Bigger Rotors, and Stainless Brake Lines. Big Brake Kits like the have become a popular upgrade for vehicles that have intense braking needs like race applications, and for trucks and SUV's, hauling and towing. Not only do these kits deliver un-compromised braking power they look pretty wicked on any vehicle.

If you just want to replace your stock Nissan MaximaBrake Pad and Rotors then take a look at our selection Performance Brake Kits. Unlike Big Brake kits that us upgraded calipers, brake lines, and oversized rotors These kits use upgraded Brake Pads and Rotors to replace your stock equipment. These kits are an economical way to increase braking performance for the budget minded.