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LEC - Payen Head Gaskets, Oil Seals & Cylinder head bolts

Have you ever wondered how major engine manufacturers determine which head gasket technology is the right choice for their latest engines? The process of developing a new head gasket involves hundreds of hours of research and development work, as well as extensive customer input and electronic analysis to identify the engine’s unique characteristics and operating demands. Only then can Federal-Mogul engineers begin to piece together the complex puzzle that ultimately becomes a Payen head gasket.

Behind each Payen head gasket – regardless of its intended market – is the most extensive testing in the sealing industry. Dedicated technology facilities include dozens of engine dynamometer labs and other highly sophisticated engineering tools necessary to prove that each Payen head gasket “performs under pressure”.

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    We have stock of payen gaskets, seals & bolts here in the uk. payen have been around for decades and are well know for their reliable & durable qualities..
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    All Payen gaskets are designed according to stringent global standards using advanced isolation technology to deliver a secure seal every time. Their industry-leading solutions deliver superior performance to withstand even the most intense and volatile surface conditions. Designed for accurate and easy installation, Payen's single-torque head gaskets are the trusted choice for professionals and experts worldwide.

    I'm having my engine rebuilt now, at significant cost. I've gone for a Payen gasket set; used them before on other engines and never hadany problems whatsoever.