Are the projector headlight housing's better for hid's

4X6 Inch Glass Lnes Bult-In LED Projector Headlight Lamps Set of 2 - Black Housing

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Spyder Auto | projector headlight

There are two clips that hold down the headlight housing. Remove the the two clips and slide the headlight housing forward. Unplug the headlight wiring harnesses then remove the headlight housing. Twist and remove the parking light from your old headlight housing and insert it to the projector headlight housing.

About ten years ago, you might have noticed a different type of starting to appear, called the projector headlight . also do exactly what they sound like-they project the light rather than reflecting it. This type of housing calls for a different type of light bulb to accommodate the housing. Projector headlights allow for more control of the light beams as they are emitted from the housing. One should not confuse projector headlights with HID headlights. While all HID’s come in a type of projector housing, not all projector headlight housings use HID bulbs.

Projector vs. Reflector Headlight Housing - Headlight Reviews


Chrome Projector Headlight Housing x 2

Each Headlight kits comes with both left and right side

Plug and Play Installation

Simply plug and install allows for a straightforward application and flexible installation options

Improves Visibilty & Safety

Be able to see clearer at night and more noticeable to other drivers

DOT and SAE Approved

Made from quality grade OEM components

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