How to Replace Car Carpet: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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Owner and operator of Red Carpet Car Wash USA, founded in 1980 with the opening of the Manhattan Beach location. Currently operates 4 Red Carpet locations stretching from Manhattan Beach to Palm Desert, and 2 California Speed Wash locations in Simi Valley.

Red Carpet USA Car Wash, Manhattan Beach has been a South Bay landmark since 1972. During this time over 6 million cars have pulled onto Sepulveda Blvd. or Marine Avenue "new car clean."

Replace the dirty, old carpet in an afternoon

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    The Define service and thorough job I experience every time I go to Red Carpet Car Wash. Is what brings me back time and time again. A free cup of coffee while you wait not bad either. While I enjoy the lovely Manhattan Beach weather

    Red Carpet Car Wash who? A friend of mine told me that they didn't do that great of a job butt because I work in the Aerospace industry down the street in El Segundo I thought I'd give them my business. So when I get to my car after paying $26 for the Supreme Wash, the floors were absolutely still dirty . The inside was still dusty and dirty, no armor all on tires nor air freshner. Just to prove a point, I tipped the 1st and 2nd guys and when I drove up again for a revacuum, her comes Jose with, your next car wash is on me FREE. Man Beach Chamber of Commerce needs to tell the owner to get off the yacht and come observe these lazy workers.

    Jose is nice but their work SUCKs. I think they cater to a certain clientele, with certain elite cars. Who knows. I am warning all
    Aerospace people and anyone else , DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. I wasted $36.