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uxcell® Car New Red 48 LED Rear Third Brake Light Stop Tail Lamp

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A complete kit to change the internals of the original third brake light of the Porsche 993. Fits spoiler, "basket handle" or rear window mounted brake lights. The kit contains a complete printed circuit board with 24 super bright (35 000 mcd) LED's for plug-and-play exchange of the original board with bulbs. Product does not contain the red plastic lens and frame. No soldering involved, plug-and-play installation. Other benefits:

In the past and until very recently, motor vehicle brake lights have generally been placed on the left and right rear corners of the vehicles. At the present time, all new automobiles manufactured or sold in the United States require rear window brake lights, these being higher and more noticeable to the driver following. This requirement brings electric wiring to a position behind the shoulders of the rear seat occupants of automotive vehicles, and this in turn creates an opportunity to make additional use of such wiring for a convenience light for the rear seat occupants.

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    How do I gain access to the rear window brake light so it can be changed on a 95 Avalon?

    Also, how long could it take to change this light and is there anything major that I can mess up in this repair?

    Thanks in advance