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The replacement of your rear bumper is also essential owing to the fact that it forms an integral part of your vehicle's overall appearance. After years of continuous use it can become scratched or chipped by stones, sticks, and other road debris. Dents or buckling are a good sign that the time for a replacement has come. So, if your rear bumper is broken or you are simply tired of the lackluster back end of your auto, then our awesome collection of quality replacement rear bumper step pads, covers, and roll pans is just what you need.

When looking for a replacement rear bumper, it's important to make sure that the part is compatible with the vehicle. The product pages for these bumpers listed by companies such as 4 Wheel Parts include the makes and models with which they are compatible. For those who are interested in continuing to tow with their vehicle, choosing a bumper with V5 certification for towing is a must.

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Replacement rear bumper?

Well, i need a replacement rear bumper since my current one is falling apart due to rust. It has several rust holes all over. Can anyone recommend a good place to get a replacement rear bumper it wouldnt necesseraly have to look like the original just something that will be safer and look better than the rusted p.o.s i have right now. Its for a 2gen 4runner 92. Thanks

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