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The RSX Body Kits from 2002 to 2006 was made. This is a great car and our company is happy to bring you a great selection of products to match. When designing the RSX Body Kits, Honda decided to base it on an entirely new platform (started from scratch), rather than incrementally re-engineering the previous Integra/Civic platform. This saved them a lot of development. This new chassis would also be shared with the 2006 Civic. This was a significant change from the previous 1998 revision of the Integra, which had only been a minor refresh. The crowd loved the new design! In addition, this platform was the first entirely new entry-level chassis Honda had debuted since 1994. Owing to its more capable and luxurious nature, the Acura division chose to market the vehicle as the Integra's replacement, and badged it as the RSX Body Kits. Touting the vehicle's more upscale feature-set and more luxurious amenities, Acura hoped to use the RSX Body Kits to help garner more brand recognition and respect from older, wealthier buyers who tended to see the company's offerings, especially the Integra, as sporty and reliable, but not as mature or luxurious. In this aspect the car does not seem to have succeeded, it still focuses on a younger demographic. Outside of the U.S., where the Acura division did not exist at the time in 02-06, Honda chose to continue selling the model as the Integra, and continued to aim the car at younger men who wanted something nicer than a 2003 Civic Si or 2004 Subaru Impreza without having to spend considerably more money.

A RSX Body Kits are a great way to make your vehicle look cool and exotic. If you have seen the fast and furious movies then you know how nice a car can look with a body kit. Most the cars that appeared on that film had the same RSX Body Kits we carry here. With some basic painting and good installation you can make your car as good if not better! And don�t forget to look at our other body kit accessories such as grilles and leds to make your car look even more exotic. RSX Body Kits can be made from plastics or fiberglass. Fiberglass RSX Body Kits are lower cost and plastic RSX Body Kits are designed not to break as easily.

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2002-2004 Acura RSX Body Kits

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Some people think that body kits are only for a decorative purpose, but some parts from them can play an important role a vehicle's performance. Spoilers, for example, can improve your RSX's aerodynamics and decrease drag at a high speed, enhancing gas mileage. A hood with scoops, in its turn, increases the speed and pressure with which air enters the engine's intake. This results in better output of the engine and smoother handling. CARiD has collected a great number of Acura RSX body kits specially crafted for your vehicle's sub model and year, so you can be sure of a precise OEM fit of any component.