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New Replacement Mirror Glass with FULL SIZE ADHESIVE for Volvo C30 C70 S40 S60 S80 V50 V70 Passenger Side View Right RH

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Its always such a hassle when you break your Volvo side view mirror. I myself have hit many a mailbox in my day that cracked the car mirror or the mirror assembly. Lots of people think they have to go to the Volvo dealership to get the whole assembly. In some cases you have to, but most of the time its just the glass itself that is broken. Why spend $550.00 dollars and up to have it replace the assembly by the dealer or a when you can fix it yourself easily and affordably.

Did you ever notice the Volvo passenger side mirror always has the "objects are closer" text on the mirror. This mirror is designed this way to increase your field of vision and to eliminate the blind spot problem. Its always a good thing to replace that with a convex mirror glass verses a normal mirror. Don't substitute this as one day it might save your life.

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Once you have removed your Volvo side view mirror from the frame, you now need to apply the glue to the black frame. First thing to do is clean the glass with water. Do not use glass cleaner or any chemical related cleaner. Apply the glue outward so it extends past the lip of the frame. I call this the snow cone effect. Glue it in 5 spots. One in the middle and 4 in the middle corners. Don't get too close to the frames edge, as it will ooze out of the frame, making a mess. If you order the silicone from us or have purchased a tube, cut a 3/8 inch diameter from the tip. Use Large dabs of the adhesive 3/8" inch wide by 1/2" outwards. Remember you are not installing a windshield that requires a strong adhesive. Once you have adhered the mirror to the plate, get some easily removable tape, like masking tape, and tape the mirror around the mirror housing so that the mirror will not slide off the frame. This will also allow you to drive. Keep the tape on for 24 hours for cold climates and 5 hours in warm until the glue dries.

Volvo side mirrors and so much more can be located here. You can purchase everything that you are going to need for your Volvo car for less then you could expect. If you know what you are looking for, you can simply enter the make and model of your vehicle and the type of mirror that you are in search of. Soon after you will b on your way to getting that part home to you.