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Weapon-R 710-111-101 Air Filter, 3"


Weapon R: $11.49: Weapon R Ram Air Kit For Dragon Filters

At 4800rpm, the WeaponR air filter made 178.02whp vs the S&B air filter's 191.40whp. That is a whopping 13.38whp difference. Oh..and I just like to say 'whopping'.

The WeaponR air filter made 209.87whp@6000rpm vs the S&B air filter's 216.54whp@6000rpm. That is a 6.67whp difference by JUST changing out the WeaponR air filter. Cool!

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    At 6000rpm, the WeaponR air filter made 183.49lb-ft of torque vs the S&B air filter's 189.55lb-ft of torque. A difference of 6.06lb-ft of torque just by changing the WeaponR air filter to an S&B one. Not bad!

    So the test results below show what you can expect by simply changing the air filter on a WeaponR intake to an S&B air filter from Verocious Motorsports (or anywhere else that has this filter). I did two runs with the WeaponR intake and WeaponR air filter installed. I removed the WeaponR air filter only and installed an S&B (I do not know what this stands for) filter on and did two more dyno runs. You may not believe what you see.