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Thanks for the feedback. do you have xreas? if so, look for leaks in the lines, etc. any check engine lights? if you have a faulty xreas suspension system, it will bounce

The 2003-2011 Toyota 4Runner with the XREAS suspension system came with rear air springs and 4 hydraulic struts. Adjusting for load, the electronic and rubber air springs will self-level when the weight causes the height of the vehicle to change via a signal from level-sensors to a control module which causes a compressor to fill the struts with air. This costly active air suspension system and be replaced by one of many of our Strutmasters passive suspension conversion kits.

How to Remove X-REAS From the 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner

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XREAS replacement options?

I've got an '03 4Runner Limited 4WD with the XREAS suspension package. My mechanic has informed me that the hydrolic oil has leaked from the front driver side shock, resulting in the need to replace the system for that side. He also informed me that the other front shock looks as if it may go soon. What suspension replacement options do I have besides the XREAS system (XREAS being the expensive option)?

After finishing my first drive of the all-new 2003 Toyota 4Runner, ..

The dealer did not know what this is(not a Toyota dealer). The rear shocks have what looks like an air cable coming of of them? Anyone know what this is, air shocks that self adjust? If you are talking about the shocks, then it sounds like the Xreas suspension. The front should have that as well.

In off-roading?? XREAS probably won't do much in off-roading. However, because it has MONOtube shocks (high-pressure, quicker reacting), XREAS suspension is more efficient in controlling your 4Runner body motions over bad terrain. Since monotubes are more efficient, you have less chance of shock fading/overheating. HOWEVER, monotubes are more fragile than twin-tube shocks...therefore, if a rock hits it, then it will have a higher chance of damage.